Welcome to our new web-portal.
Due to COVID-19 we as a small business had to rethink our approach on how to teach dog classes.
We decided to setup a whole new portal with a large offering of different dog classes.
For any feed back, please contact us.


We are offering a six week Basic LifeSkills Class that suits puppies as well as grown up dogs.

The course is running for six weeks and you will get three videos a week with multiple exercises, demonstrated with a your beginner dog so we can show you how we train and help understanding exercises and games.

We will also invite you into our closed Facegook group where you can ask questions, post your training videos, ask questions and receive more information all about dogs, taking care of dogs and training tips.

We also offer one-on-one support on the phone, zoom or via messenger to help through struggles or answer questions.

The big advantage of our online class is that you have lifetime access to it, you can rewatch it again and again, practice at home in your puppies comfortable environment. Practicing FOR the situation is way more better than IN the situation.

The price is only $60 for the 6 weeks, that is only half of what a regular (in person) class is.
You can start anytime, just contact me.